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As a life coach, my mission is to empower busy young professionals like you to discover inner balance, boost life satisfaction through consistent habits, and navigate the demands of your career and life without feeling overwhelmed. Together, let's embark on a journey of personal growth, resilience, and the creation of a fulfilling life that aligns perfectly with your true values and aspirations.



Certified Life and Success Coach from

Jay Shetty Certification School

About Me...

As certified Life and Success Coach from Jay Shetty Certification School. I specialize in guiding young professionals who struggle with the challenges of maintaining consistent habits, often hindered by low self-belief and self-sabotaging behaviours. Through personalized coaching sessions, the outcome is not just a transformation in habits but also noticeable enhancements in overall health, heightened self-confidence, and a significant boost in productivity.

Throughout our coaching journey, you'll receive dedicated support to motivate and guide you toward achieving your goals. Our sessions provide a safe space to unpack the barriers you face, allowing us to collaboratively develop effective strategies to overcome them.

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1 -on- 1 Coaching Session

Personalized support to help individuals identify and pursue their goals, overcome challenges, and enhance various aspects of their personal and professional lives.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is life coach

A life coach is a professional who collaborates with individuals to identify and achieve personal and professional goals. They help you identify what you want in life, overcome obstacles, and stay focused on positive changes. 

Life coach vs therapy

Life coaching is forward-looking, concentrating on setting and achieving specific goals in various life areas like career, relationships, and personal development. Coaches act as motivators, providing guidance and support to enhance overall well-being.

Therapy delves into the past, focusing on emotional healing and understanding psychological issues. Therapists use various techniques to address mental health concerns, making it a longer-term process often suited for those dealing with emotional distress or unresolved issues

Do I need a life coach

If you are feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or lacking direction in your personal or professional life, a life coach can provide clarity. Struggling to achieve specific goals, facing a transition, or desiring personal development are also signs that a life coach could be beneficial.

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